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Release Date: September 8, 2018
Rating: 8.9

About The Nun

Country: United States

Year: 2018

Category: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Release Date: September 7, 2018

Director: Corin Hardy

Starring: Taissa Farmiga, Bonnie Aarons, Charlotte Hope

Age Restriction: 18 years

Duration: 135 minutes

Budget: $45,000,000

Box Office: $

The Nun is a 2018 Columbia Pictures and Marvel Entertainment. The Nun is scheduled to be released on September 8, 2018.

THE NUN, the new installment of the film universe The Conjuring, will hit theaters next September trying to repeat the success of the rest of the franchise's installments. On this occasion it was Corin Hardy who has directed the film that will star among others Taissa Farmiga, Charlotte Hope, Demian Bichir and Bonnie Aarons.

The director himself has spoken with the people of EW about the film and among other things has commented that he has tried to make the greatest number of special effects by resorting to the artisan and not by computer.

"I'm very practical and it's not just for nostalgia, I prefer real and tangible things that are in front of the camera, you can touch them, you can see them, moisten them and they're great, you can do all these things in CGI but it's hard to do them at the level I always try to do everything we can for real, including acrobatics with the camera, effects and then use the CGI. "

The Nun Development

In THE NUN when a young nun in a cloistered abbey in Romania commits suicide, a priest with a possessed past and a novice about to take their vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate. Together they discover the profane secret of the order. Risking not only their own lives but their faith and even their souls, they face an evil force in the form of the same demonic nun who previously already horrified the audience in "Warren File: The Enfield Case", where the abbey becomes a battlefield of horror between the living and the condemned.

File Warren is one of the current horror franchises with better results at the global box office. With more than 1,200 million dollars collected, the two installments starring the Warren-The Conjuring (2013) and The Enfield Case (2016) - have managed to captivate the fans. Precisely for this reason, Warner Bros. has decided to make a new spin-off after Annabelle (2014) and Annabelle: Creation (2017). We are talking about The Nun that, according to Deadline, delays its premiere from July 13 to September 7.

4 Great Reasons To Watch The Nun

With Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation, Warner has managed to expand the universe The Conjuring, strategy that will repeat with The Nun by Corin Hardy. If you remember, the demonic entity in the form of a nun debuted in the Enfield case facing Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson).

The date change seems smart, since it is the same space that occupied It, released in September 2017. It opened with 123 million dollars in the US and ended up collecting more than 700 million in all the

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